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Keep a trace of your sport events.

For over 15 years, I have been serving my talent to clubs, teams, associations, brands, federations and leagues to capture the best moments and strongest emotions of their sport events. I cover a competition from fans and VIPs to acting participants, including the venue, animations, speechs, trophies, capturing on film the feel of the atmosphere and everything that takes place during your event.

All pictures are available the same day, but you can also choose to use them live.

Professional references :
In addition to professional leagues and teams, I also service companies such as Nike, Getty Images, NBA Photos, and many more...
I'm also specialized in Entertainment Photography such as red carpets, concerts and awards shows.

I have photographed some of the biggest stars and shows in the world including The Grammy Awards, James Brown, Paul McCartney, Beyoncé and Jay Z, just to name a few ...
I will cover your event : inauguration, congress, convention, private party, opening ceremony,
incentive, seminar, conference, you name it !

All aspects of the event will be photographed, from the location to the decoration, branding, speeches, VIPs, activities, participants, cocktails, general ambiance, preparation of the event ... Candid and posed images will be captured in huge details so that the memory can live on afterwards... And you can use it to keep the engagement with participants alive a bit longer whether on your website or social media.

Also, I can offer instant downloads and on-site prints for events. Let your guests walk away with a print, they will love it !
I also can direct and realize a complete coverage of your event in a HD video with my special crew. I can film, edit, mount, create time-lapses, hyper lapses, even from a truck mounted aerial !!! What's better than a 2 to 5 min HD video showing a resume of your event for you, your fans or your clients ? Nothing !

Want to take a peek ? Have a look at the video section.